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Harris Crossing subdivsion

Habitat for Humanity, The Heart of Wyoming, Inc. and its community partners are embarking on an ambitious effort to bring measurable and generational change to 13 families in the community through the development of Harris Crossing, a cul-de-sac subdivision.


The $2.5 million development of 13 homes will encompass a 2.91 acre undeveloped property in east Casper. Upon completion, it will be the largest Habitat for Humanity project in the Casper area. 

“The subdivision’s name, Harris Crossing, is an intentional blending of our organization’s rich past and converging future,” said Heidi Maldoon, Former Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity. “‘Harris’ honors the work of Don and Hallie Harris, who founded Habitat for Humanity in Casper in 1994.”

a Subdivision with purpose

A place at which interchange and collaboration of homeowners, community, and volunteers occurs to create a supportive and thriving community.


Design Principles

  • A sensible, low-key architecture that stands the test of time.

  • A well-built architecture that is responsive to its context and seamlessly blends conventional and affordable housing.

  • A comprehensive and continuous design aesthetically mirroring the industrious spirit of Casper, applied to a variety of house plans to accommodate varying family sizes. 

  • A streetscape that provides a safe place for children to play through the use of lighting, trees, parking, and fencing.  

  • The creation of a desired community; a neighborhood that anyone would be proud to call home. 

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