Completed homes

Since 1994, Habitat for Humanity, The Heart of Wyoming has constructed 40 homes in Natrona County. 

Under Construction 

Currently, six homes have been completed and three homes are under construction at Harris Crossing, the affiliate's first subdivision in Natrona County. 


Our partner families and their dreams of homeownership are at

the center of our mission. Their

story is our story.  

What does your dream home look like? 

“Ours. The home has good curb appeal

and  is very enjoyable."

- Habitat Homeowner,

Melanie Cantu-Busler

Hayes Family 

When Habitat for Humanity told Kristen Hayes, 29, that she and her daughter qualified for a house at Harris Crossing, she burst into tears and said, “Are you kidding me?” Her next question? Kristen wanted to know when she could start working on her sweat equity.

Kristen and her three-year-old daughter Riley have lived with other family members in the past and currently live in an apartment, but long for something to call their own.

“It will give me and Riley the space we need to grow and bond together and the open space she deserves,” she said.

Kristen said her family is everything to her. They love to get together, but never at Kristen’s home. Kristen also loves the outdoors and is very excited about the thought that she and her daughter could camp out in their own backyard in the future.

“Riley loves to ride her bike,” Kristen said, but added that her daughter is forced to ride her bike in the hallway because the neighborhood is not safe.

Kristen recalled first hearing about Habitat for Humanity in high school and thought that maybe in the future that was something she might pursue. More recently, one of her neighbors received a Habitat home and Kristen was inspired to apply.

Kristen has been a cashier at Albertson’s for eight years, and she loves meeting people and hearing their stories.


But Kristen is most excited about the idea of building her own home. She said she loves to tinker with stuff and as a child took apart her toys and tried to put them back together, sometimes to her family’s dismay. Now, instead of taking something apart, Kristen will be putting something together for her and Riley’s future.

“Just the thought of a house is unbelievably incredible to me,” she said.

Kristen’s enthusiasm is contagious and we, at Habitat for Humanity, The Heart of Wyoming, are eager to work with Kristen and we welcome her into the Habitat family.


Weinhandl Family 

Sarah’s greatest wish is for her two children, Layton and Avery, to have a home of their own. Now, through her partnership with Habitat for Humanity that dream will be a reality. She wants a place for them to play and room to grow up.


“I dedicate every day to making it the best I can for my kids, as long as they have food in their bellies, a roof over their head and smiles on their faces, I am a happy mom,” Sarah said.


Layton, 6, is thrilled at the idea of a new home as he loves the outdoors. Sarah wants both Layton and Avery, six months old, to have a place where they can play without disrupting nearby apartment neighbors.


Sarah is currently employed at Porter’s Mountain View Supply and was recently promoted to Assistant Manager. Her co-workers and employer see not only how hard she works, but also how much she is driven by the desire to be a good mother.


“In the seven years I’ve known her, Sarah has demonstrated her ability to be a strong-willed person and overcome many obstacles and challenges,” her supervisor said. “[She] has grown into a very mature single mother, with the guidance and mentorship from the positive role models in her life, she is an outstanding mother.”


Upon learning that she had been chosen, Sarah said it was an emotional moment. “My heart was filled with an emotion, I can’t put into words.”

Sarah and her family will be the first to move in to Harris Crossing, a 13-lot subdivision in the heart of Casper. Sarah is already looking forward to the day when she can volunteer and help her new neighbors complete their homes. We, at Habitat for Humanity, are thrilled to be working with such a committed partner, not only now, but in the future!

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